7 Amazing Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Make the Celebration Grander

Cakes are a must for any kind of celebration, and if that celebration is an anniversary, then it is more than just a must. It is a special day in the couple’s life and therefore, the cake needs to be special as well. There are many cakes which you can employ here, however, there are some certain cakes, only made for anniversaries and are rather perfect for such a romantically joyous celebration. Read along to find out those amazing anniversary cakes which will not only make your day sweeter but your celebration grander as well?

  1. Rose Fondant Cake

Fondant, if one wants to know more about it, is a sweet concoction, usually used as either icing or as filling for the cakes. Fondant is usually applied as sheets to make the cake seem and feel more even and proper. Fondants can come in different flavours and one of the famous and most-consumed ones is the rose fondant. A cake can be a chocolate one or a vanilla one, but the rose fondant will make all the difference. If you have to order cakes online, make sure you select this one only; it will be worth it.

  1. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cakes have become, overall these times, a proud symbol of the LGBT community, along with being a beautiful option for weddings and anniversaries. Whoever your partner is, especially if someone from the LGBT community, then this cake is the perfect choice for you. Layered with the colours of the rainbow, with white icing separating the layers, the rainbow cake is then topped with nice colourful sprinkles. If you are deciding on the wedding anniversary cake delivery, then decide to order this cake and only this one.

  1. Heart-Shaped Cake

Heart-shaped cakes are beautiful and one of the most used shapes in cakes for romantic celebrations. Probably the best anniversary cake design, the heart-shaped cake is a luscious and right choice to please your romantic and loving partner. Whether it is a strawberry cake or a chocolate one, the shape would just go well with any kind of flavour! It would, obviously, depend on you, which one to get. Heart-shaped cakes can be topped with more heart-shaped sprinkles, to give it an even hearty feel.

  1. Multi-Tier Fondant Cake

Now is the time of multi-tiered cakes; gone are the days of just single tiered cakes. Another delicious addition to cakes is the fondant, rolled up all the way up the cake, to not only give it an even look, but give it an extremely delicious taste. Such multi-tiered fondant cakes are the entire craze now, with many crazy designs being brought into reality with the help of this design. A beautiful hit at weddings and anniversaries, such fondant cakes would make your celebration a little bit happier.

  1. Wedding Photo Cake

Another classic love anniversary cake design would be the wedding photo cake. This is where you get the best photo of you both together and literally get it imprinted on the top of the cake. For this, you can provide your baker with the photo as well as the digital copy of your photo, so that he can bake your beautiful photos on the cake to make it even more beautiful, along with being delicious.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is a traditional choice for weddings and anniversaries – and why not would it be? It is one of the favourite flavours of people. It is known and believed that red velvet cakes, at least the best kind of them, literally melt in your mouth as soon as you put it in your mind. Such smoothness and the deliciousness cannot be found in any other cake. And what’s more, it is red, which is the ultimate colour to express love and passion. Can there be any other perfect cake?

  1. Anniversary Number Cake

Number cakes are the common choice for special occasions and even more so for anniversaries. There’re silver jubilees, golden jubilee, and what not, in which you can employ such cakes. There is no compulsion of getting a number cake just for silver and golden jubilees; you can get any number of cakes for your anniversary. Either get a number shaped cake or get a large but edible cake to be stuck on normal cakes. Whatever you get, you make sure you can send anniversary cake in France, Italy, India, Japan or in some other country, so that you can easily get the desired number of cake.

There you have it – these are certainly some of the best and amazing wedding anniversary cakes one can ever incorporate in their anniversary celebration. They will taste delicious and add more charm to your already special day, may it be a red velvet cake, fondant cake, or multi-tiered one.


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