Is Approval Of Both Parents Important For Step Parent Adoption?

There are certain requirements that have to fulfill when you are applying for adoption. As you know that there are a lot of choices for adoption as for every type you have different criteria. But there is a point that has to be cleared in Step Parent Adoption Georgia and that is the approval of the parents.

What Do You Understand By Step Parent Adoption Georgia?

Understanding step parent adoption is something difficult and complicated. In this kind of adoption the adoptive party is the new spouse of the biological parent. He/ she are considered step parents; who take care of the child financially and legally.

Basic Requirements To Be Met

You have to meet specific requirements to become a step parents. These are the ones that must and should be met if you want to succeed.

  1. The couple should be living in the state for at least 6 months.
  2. You should be married.
  3. The step parent must be 10 years older than the child.
  4. The financial, physical and mental condition of the couple must be strong.

Points To Consider Step Parent Adoption

There are certain points that step parents have to consider scenarios that are important if you want the court to grant you the custody of the child. The main thing that has to look into is the consent of a few people.

  1. If either of the parents is alive that the step parent will definitely have to get the consent of the parent. In the Step Parent Adoption in Georgia a written agreement of the termination of their rights is received.
  2. There are certain parents who refuse to give their consent because they are suborned. In this situation the court issues the termination. You can get help from lawyers like Tom Tebeau to get the consent from the court.
  3. In many situations either of the birth parents is not alive; so the other living has to give the right to the step parent. If both the parents are dead; then the person who is having the custody of the child must give the consent.
  4. This is also important that the consent of the child is taken because the child is not willing to stay with the step parent then no one can force the child. This happens when the child reaches the age of 14 or 18 years.

Can Step Parent Get Custody In Case Of Non-Termination Of Right?

There are other circumstances when the step parents can get custody of the child just in case the parents don’t terminate their rights. Otherwise the approval of both the birth parents is necessary.

  1. If the child is abandoned by the biological parent or has seized all kinds of communication with the child a year before the custody petition is filed; then the step parent can have the full rights to adopt the child.
  2. There are numerous circumstances when the birth parent can’t give the child the care and support that is needed. This can be in terms of financial or emotional support.
  3. People after a very long time discover that the presumed father of the child is not the real one. So in this case as well according to Georgia adoption laws; the step parent can apply for adoption and he/ she will be granted to him/ her.

Approval From Both Birth Parents

Whether you are the father or the mother of the child; it is important that you have the approval of your existing spouse. In the same way during Step Parent Adoption Georgia; the other biological parent must also agree to the adoption. There are many reasons for the other parent to not approve but in most cases it doesn’t happen. It is important that both parents are agreed to the adoption.


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