‘’Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.’’ – Thomas Fullers

If you are miles away from your partner because of education, career, homes or be It anything, this surely fizzles you out sometimes. We all know how difficult it is to be in long-distance relationships. As for every hug and kiss you have to wait for a very long time, but you know what is good about it as the distance makes your relationship stronger.

As distance makes you learn many things and understand your partner. It is difficult for many people and then it results in separation or breakup. You have to be really strong to make your relationship work. You really have to take care of yourself and your partner. To survive through this phase in your relationship you can try tips given below. They will surely make you feel good and make your relationship even stronger.


  1. Flowers to your flower – We all know we miss our partner mote on special occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. So nowadays anniversary flowers are available online, you can do it and make your partner happy. This will surely give you happiness. As online flowers delivery is so easy nowadays and if your partner is in Bangalore then you must have to try because the best online flower delivery in Pune is available. This will strengthen your relationship and the happiness of your partner will surely let you be on the 7th cloud.
  2. Send love through text – I know it will surely sound a little strange but this is the best technique to survive in long distance relationships. You should say all your feelings and thoughts on a call or text. Never let anything stay inside you. Both of you should try to make a safe space or 5th space where you listen to each other without any judgements and prejudice. This will help both of you grow as an individual and will surely strengthen your relationship. If you succeed in building a safe space between both of you. Leaving thousands, millions of miles away will not affect your relationship.
  3. Visit each other’s place – If you are really feeling restless, don’t think twice and book your tickets to see your partner, but this doesn’t help in the long run. Both of you should decide and make regular trips to each other’s place. This will give you comfort and satisfaction. Also if you know when both of you are going to meet next, you will surely feel better. Surprises are always welcome, bump in your partner’s place with an anniversary bouquet. Life has no boundaries so do whatever you feel right in your relationship.
  4. Insecurity and Jealousy not allowed – These are the two most common feelings which come up when you are in a long distance relationship. And this mostly leads to breakups. It is normal to feel like that because you are away from each other. But you need to trust your partner and understand that you both also have a life outside this relationship. First, you try to understand your thought process, rationalise in yourself then tell your partner calmly. They will surely listen to you and you both together can reach a solution. Best way to avoid this feeling is to engage yourself in the self-growth process.
  5. Be Naughty – Physical connection and sexual aspects can not be ignored whole together and in long-distance relationships, lack of these aspects is the cause of many problems. So you can try having sexy talks, naughty words and all stuff. This will bring back the spark in your relationship. We can’t keep physical attention aside because it’s really important in a relationship. It gives you satisfaction and increases compatibility with each other.

These are the 5 best things you can try to survive in a long-distance relationship. The best part of long-distance relationships is that you can surprise your partner anytime by doing so many things like sending flowers, bouquets, cakes, chocolates and yourself. You can order cake online in Delhi as nowadays best cakes delivery services are given in Bangalore. As they deliver fresh and beautiful flowers at your partner’s doorstep and the best part is you can also customise it. This is all you can do but most importantly Stay Strong and Be Happy!!!


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