White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

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white gold rings
white gold rings

White gold, and so did white gold ring, began gaining a lot of popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century as an alternative to platinum.

White gold ring is not something that is being found naturally like yellow gold ring. The most common metal mixture added to gold to produce white gold ring are nickel, palladium and silver. Recently though, palladium has replaced nickel as the common alloy in white gold ring. The highest quality white gold ring that can be found is at least around eighteen karat and usually made up of gold and palladium rather than nickel or silver, especially since people can get skin irritation when their skin is in contact with nickel.

This type of gold is usually mixed with copper alloy that will give the gold this pink or red colour.  The proportions to make rose gold are usually twenty five percent copper and seventy five percent gold.

Taking Care of White Gold Ring

White gold ring are coated with Rhodium. Rhodium is same as platinum and also shares many its properties including its white color. Just because the natural color of white gold is light grey, rhodium plating makes white gold ring whiter. Since rhodium ultimately wears away white gold should be re-rhodium plated every 12 to 18 months.

Whatever white gold ring you choose, however you choose to purchase it, white gold ring is extremely beautiful.

What A Beauty White Gold Ring

Today, wanting to veer away from the traditional color of yellow in gold, more and more couples choose white gold ring for the engagement. Gold can either be white gold or yellow gold.

The 18-karat gold should consist of 18 parts pure gold combines with 6 parts other metals while the 14-karat gold has 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts of other metals.

In market, white gold ring is more preferable compared to yellow gold ring. White gold ring is usually more recommended for a diamond ring mount than yellow gold because it doesn’t wash off after years of use. An 18-K white gold is also recommended compared 14-K white gold because it has whiter color.

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