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The wedding ring is a ring, often made of precious metal and worn on the left ring finger. Also in the ring right side are countries like Norway and Russia. The purpose of a wedding band is present marriage. Both spouses are required to wear rings they show themselves each other. The custom originated in Europe but has spread too many other countries outside Europe. In some cultures the wedding ring of one of the three rings is given, when a couple gets married.

The other two rings are the engagement ring and promise ring. The engagement ring is known, and if a couple has promised. A promise ring is not as well known, but it will be offered only a few other begins to be seduced. In many European countries in the name of the spouse will soon be brought into the ring. Although the wedding jewelry that are traditionally worn by women, wedding bands are designed for men have. It is the responsibility of the best man to ensure that the pair of rings is considered. The best man will be two rings during the wedding ceremony there.

At weddings too complicated, a retaining ring used to carry the rings. The support ring is usually a young man who is a friend or girlfriend or other connected. He carried the ring pillow. In some European countries, the engagement ring the wedding ring and state of the ring will change once the couple is married. If another sound is used for wedding rings, the bride can use even if she wants. The choice of the fingers should be has changed over the centuries in the ring.

Traditionally, the fourth finger of the left or right hand was always used, and if a couple has the rings on his left hand is a sign that they are eternal love for each other. While alliances are the women in the United States and the United Kingdom, today worn mostly be worn by men. The use of diamond wedding band is very popular. The precious metals are used in the ring often the cool white gold, titanium, but also become popular, especially among men. Many couples avoid the use of diamonds and other precious stones such as rubies or sapphires used.

In addition, use is made of stainless steel in a range of wedding bands. Stainless steel is much more durable than gold, and shows a better finish titanium. Some metals are toxic and are not used for wedding rings. If you want to buy jewelry, you have to measure the quality based on its smoothness. The gemstones have a smooth scale of 1 to 10 A little gem with a score of 1 is soft, while a jewel with a score of 10 are the hardest. The stones that should not have a rating of 7 will be collected for wedding rings.

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