Wedding Favors Fans

Wedding Favors Fans

wedding favor fans 300x213 Wedding Favors Fans

wedding fans favors

If you are having wedding summer or a garden party, no air conditioning, gives your guests a wedding favors fans is great idea. Rather than suffer for your guests on your wedding day, what could be burning up heat, spend the wedding favor fans at the ceremony and reception will help your guests happy and comfortable the duration of your marriage.

Make wedding favors fans very easily, and not only makes for a unique wedding, but useful. Even with two different parts of your fan, use the combination is totally up to you! You can use a cute picture of you with a romantic poem on the one hand, and the ceremony program on the other, or instead of the program, you must use the menu, directions to the reception on the field, the history of how they met and fell in love, I thank those who helped, the possibilities are as broad as your imagination. Another great advantage for these handmade wedding to make it’s easy!

Heart-shaped are the most popular form of fans for a wedding favor fans, but you can really choose the shape you want. Create a layout with images and design of the fan of the computer and print it. Then you can either buy cards and prints all the copies you need on your computer or bring it to a copy shop (printers are better quality and do not cost much money) and get all copies you need for each side. The trendiest color for the fans is white, but you are able to apply painted paper to tribute your colors of wedding and can be very beautiful.

Then cut with a prefabricated model to all your pages in the form that you have decided, and then you can go to work. Take some stick’s paint or purchase another type of handle and other decorative thing you be able to get (Most stores give you paint sticks for free though).  Spray paint with all white handles and paste the front and back of the fan with the handle vessels glue. Helpful review when the stick of glue on the top edge of the fan, he is a strong wedding favor fans.

If you buy the handle is already in place, and then just skips this part. You can decorate the fan with a wide range of possibilities. You can tape or tulle around the base for the decoration of the handle, or a group of bands of color that compliments your wedding ties.
This is a great house wedding favors fans that only takes a few minutes to play, and your guests benefit equally. Not only that, but you will find that many of your wedding guests are your fans, not just to recall memories, but to use them for something, when the temperature is too hot.

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