Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

vintage diamond engagement rings Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

antique diamond engagement rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings are often solitaire ring with a touch of the past made by hand. The new rings are not the originality and historical value captures the vintage rings. Today most of the jewelry is mass produced by machines, while the rings of the time were generally hand considerably reduced in common. There are hundreds if not thousands of identical twins in the new rings to ride on the side of people. As some of the styles of engagement rings change period will destroy for use in jewelry new addition to the uniqueness of the other coils.

The times were different and offer a good collection of styles of classic diamond engagement rings. Fortunately, many models today are similar to the styles of bygone eras. The harvest time is the recent Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and retro.

The Victorian age offers a good selection of models with different times, in a long time. Duration of more than 60 years, from 1837 to 1901 the time when Queen Victoria of England and was the first in Victoria (romantic), half of Victoria (Great Britain), divided and Late Victorian (aesthetic). Styles romance was a product that is an appropriate name for the Queen’s use of gold and jewels rare. Practices such as watermarks and drilling are used to present the appearance of a greater mass of at least gold. Great period began in the wake of Victoria’s husband died. During this period, the vintage diamond engagement rings tend dark stones and have a serious design. Period aesthetic product design with a funny kind mentioned and moons, stars and dragons.

The Edwardian era is one of the shortest times for vintage diamond engagement rings; however, was the beginning of some important changes. Emerging wealth of the middle and upper classes, women with a higher social status are two main reasons for these changes. Clothing styles of vintage style rings, followed by more and more light, lace, and flexible. Platinum has gained in popularity and strength with small teeth can be adjusted to a gem almost invisible. Popular jewelry is including diamonds, pearls and amethysts.

Although these two different eras, antique diamond engagement rings of these two eras are often thrown into a pot. Both times were the results of major events. Of Art Nouveau was the industrial revolution, during the Art Deco was the First World War in most of the two styles in a few concepts can be combined. With the rings art nouveau vintage with natural styles of mind, such as flowers and insects are designed. With Art Deco designs of geometry and symmetry, which offers more aerodynamic basis?

This is the period with the largest selection of vintage diamond engagement rings, because it is the last one. However, diamonds in this period lost their appeal. Many precious metals like gold and silver were to be a shortage due to World War II. I.e., metal and jewelry was more expensive the stone is of minor importance. Yellow gold and rose in popularity. The jewels that are used are still big and bright in general, less valuable gems.

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