Unique Promise Rings

Unique Promise Rings

Unique Promise Rings

promise rings

If you think promise rings, it is customary to think of a small ring, low cost for a woman as a promise of marriage in the future, it is not always the case. A promise ring has several other purposes not only a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can give to or used for any sign of commitment. Here are some of the most common uses for a unique promise ring.

Promise rings may be a sign of promise between two friends. This ring can become a special friend, a friend who moved away, or even a friend not seen for a while is given. A friendship promise ring is very common in girls, the best rings that will say “best friends forever.” A promise ring between two friends is a way to show that a friendship is something very special for you.

Also as a purity ring, this type of promise rings are used as a reminder to be chaste. This can be given by a boyfriend or girlfriend, but is often given by the parents of a child. His goal is not have sex until real love and wedding is one. This kind of promise ring is to continue a steady reminder to the user abstinent until marriage.

A promise ring can also be used by those who remain free of alcohol or other substances. This ring can be yourself or another person as a constant reminder to stay free of drugs and other substances that may be harmful to the body.

If a promise can be a promise ring to be free from drug addiction can be a promise to be free of any other addition. These include addictions such as gambling or pornography. It is not a promise to activity on access, such as eating or even video games.

If an unmarried couple to civil law often promise rings as a symbol of their commitment to each other. These engagement rings have a strong sense of the couple and are an expression of their willingness to be associated with that person forever.

In ancient times, given a ring are as a symbol of silence. There was used as a reminder of the importance of maintaining confidentiality in particular. Sometimes a curse engraved on the inside, what would happen if the secret was revealed.

In the old days it was customary to symbolize for church leaders leading a ring around its commitment to the church. Even today a lot of believers wear rings are a reminder of their religious commitment.

Promise rings is not restricted by the use of a pre- commitment ring, but may be a assure among friends, not romantic, the promise to be pure, be a promise of withdrawal of substances that promise without an addiction, a promise of monogamy, remain silent, spiritual commitment, and more. We have a edge view of the promise ring from a pre-engagement ring, but see the potential of its other purposes. As you see, can symbolize a promise a promise between two people or a promise made to yourself. A promise ring is simply a physical sign of a compromise.

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