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Diamond Quality Guide

diamond rings

The diamond is loved and appreciated for its brilliant light and the incomparable beauty of the stone apart. The incredible shine and luster is one of many reasons why the most preferred jewelry that is used by people of all ages. Although there are many reasons for the dramatic clarity, the most important factor when buying a diamond quality is cut surface. A perfectly cut diamond has bright note, allow the passage of light through the edges and light up like fire. It is said that about 40% of the price, because the diamond. Although the court can reduce its size and reduce their monetary value, people are more attracted to diamonds, buy shinier. The brightness is the most important factor for some when it comes to buying these gems for you immediate attention, when used to dress.

Give the task of cutting a diamond to shine and the best attraction is the skillful task of diamond cutters who are capable of cutting edges cut perfectly to the facets, while their extreme precision and angles. Must be cut to achieve this effect brilliant dramatic as you want. Therefore, it is the highest court of the four theories that determine the quality of the diamond. Finding the following quality, the color, although there are so many colors are extraordinary costs to decide whether you are looking for the purest quality and up, then the colorless diamonds, clear and free of chemical contaminants, are the best of all. Color diamonds are characterized by diamond quality graded from D to Z. D branded diamonds are colorless, while the shadows are darker, Z. GJ assorted colors would be the best quality diamonds for diamond jewelry. Diamond Clarity is also important when buying their clarity refers to the impurities, defects and structural defects in a diamond. You should also indicate the weight in carats genuine diamonds consider before buying.

The “ideal” cut. Towlkowsky Marcel came up with a round cut diamond that contains the ideal proportions of a diamond. The “Ideal Cut Diamond” is a process that is still used today. As well cut a diamond to reflect off a light. This is a high quality and good cut fallen.

“Round” cut to reduce. It is cut is undoubtedly one of the varieties of the signature. If you look on the faces of diamonds, you see a circular shape. There are certain portions of the diamond quality core and make this beautiful round cut. If the proportions or angles are changed, the beauty of the diamond is lost. Is “excellent or very good, good, fair or poor, too. The brightness of the Crown Court to see did so well.

The “princess” cutEngagement rings are popularly elected for that court. Has a broader above, with a height of crown is shorter, is symmetrical with both sides of the diamond. Reviews say it is even brighter than Asscher Cut or Emerald cuts. Diamond Princess is the second largest diamond of the most popular, just behind the round brilliant. Princess Cut is since the 1960s and are also known as “modified brilliant place.

The “Emerald” cut. This cut is similar to an emerald. It is like a rectangle with the corners cut at an angle. The peak has a broad, flat top and straight through. A typical emerald-diamond has a flat bottom, while a traditional emerald cut is a perfect place. The many points of an emerald cut diamond quality you to reflect and capture more light.

The Asscher “cut. The court is a bit like a cup of emerald, because it is a square with sharp corners. We often speak as a square emerald-diamond. But the ultimate result of the additional layers of the crown. It is as deep as most.

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