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Some people love vintage jewelry for being interested in the idea of reusing stuff and going green, others believe that vintage jewelry are very unique, flattering, and more durable (for having a great quality). With some websites like Etsy, which is very popular now, people are getting more interested and becoming more conscious of the vintage items. Though all of the reasons mentioned are so true, but there are some more interesting reasons that you may keep in mind while shopping for a piece of vintage jewelry.


One of the most common things that people love about vintage jewelry is the story behind each and every piece of this kind of jewelry. They usually search for those items that the seller knows the exact history behind it. They feel like it’s more fascinating to know which person was wearing that particular piece a long, long time ago. So that amazing story comes to your mind whenever you wear that unique piece. Your vintage jewelry is a history lesson that you carry with yourself!


Of course vintage jewelry can’t be bought easily in the center of a shopping mall or a local store. In order to find a very unique piece, you need to search a lot, something like hunting. This means online browsing websites like Etsy, and Ebay, going to your local antique stores, or traveling a bit far to flea markets for finding some treasures. This usually takes a very long time, until you will finally find just what you were looking for.

Beside all these, vintage jewelry has a gorgeous patina. They age beautifully and in a very perfect way. Yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold age very beautifully and that’s one of the main reasons why gold vintage jewelry look so flattering and unique, comparing to the modern pieces.