Tacori engagement rings

tacori rings

Tacori rings is a trademark in high engagement rings specialized, separately from other jewelry diamond like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., their jewelry is famous for its unique beauty fusion of traditional motifs and modern and contemporary. It is about four decades and is considered a trusted brand with superior design and finishes of fine jewelry.

Specialty is that Tacori jewelry made and engraved by hand with great care, will last a lifetime. The engraving is done by hand from the original wax mold for final polishing and engraving.

He specializes in contract manufacturing and custom wedding rings. Typically, these rings do not come with all the Central and stones, but usually in the semi-mount configuration available. This provision allows you to select a diamond separately the metal frame is more freedom in terms of design and budget. You can even make a scenario for a ring if you want a diamond and a special design with him. It also ensures that all rings are unique in their kind.

There are certain things you should be choosing a diamond ring. The carat weight, color and cut are the things that were observed during this process. Sometimes a smaller diamond can be more expensive than larger ones.

You better your order at least four weeks in advance to get the design you want, especially if you are looking for an individual design.

Tacori rings come in a variety of styles from classic single complex designs. One of his drawings for the building is so unique that they are patented. This is the design of the famous crescent-like average Crescent around the building itself.

The rings 22k or 18k gold or platinum used for the construction of metal. His fusion of two tones of yellow gold and platinum are very popular. In general, gold is used as a garnish with platinum. Platinum is a difficult relationship and the heavier material compared to gold, which is much more expensive. Its color gives it a perfect backdrop for the diamond-highlight. More than ever, lose their luster and not cloud at a time. Platinum is mainly used for 95% platinum and 5% iridium. This makes the metal stronger and increases the brightness in it.

Tacori have also released a diamond monogram first. This is not your standard letter with a little open diamonds, but carved a very complex picture in question. The silhouettes Crescent Tacori setting is in evidence, with their famous engraving. At first glance, it looks like a hanging fabulous Art Deco diamond pendant. Only if you look closely, see that it worked a letter of the alphabet and sent with diamonds in the open center of the keyboard. These trailers are firm favorite with mothers and daughters, the subtlety of words that do not share other people; the same initials can be used.

These rings have also included the ultimate accessory for those who already have a Tacori ring. The diamond pendant is a round with pave diamonds and a large solitaire pendant set in the middle. The diamond pendant and matching earrings diamond for all. This pendant features Rings engraving and sculptures their sickle-shaped. The diamond pendant is very revealing all the features are so famous. This particular pendant can be used for any occasion from office to an evening gala evening wear. This diamond pendant is in the same direction as the rings that bought their diamonds to choose a center stone. It is a gem, and have completed is usually one or two weeks for your order.

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