Silver Pendants

Silver Pendants

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Wear Your Silver Pendants

silver pendant
sterling silver pendant

When you think of sterling silver pendants, you may think of using it exclusively on a necklace. First and foremost, your sterling silver pendants is a precious metal. If you own a rolo bracelet, you can attach your silver pendants with a simple jump-ring. Best of all, you can easily remove the silver pendants and place it back on your necklace and this maximizes your jewelry wardrobe in a way that’s truly ‘charming.’

If you have pierced ears, you may also be able to use two identical sterling silver pendants as charms by placing them on hoop earrings. Many bails will easily slide over the tube of a hoop earring, which gives you the instant look of earring charms. When worn traditionally, sterling silver pendants is beautiful. You can created a multi-strand necklace by threading several chains through the bail and wearing them as one necklace. If you’re still in the mood for a different style, consider wearing your sterling silver pendants on a single necklace that measures 16″ or 18″.

Silver Pendant in Your Necklace

When you wear beautiful pieces of jewellery, it shows. Silver pendants can be worn in different styles – usually it all depends upon the length or the style of necklace. There are necklaces which fit tight around the neck like in choker style silver pendants. And there are necklaces which hang loosely on your neck and the silver pendants dangles from the necklace.

For example, silver pendants are usually hung somewhere below the collar bone barely touching the cleavage. Not all pendants go with all kind of dresses. Pendants, small or big, say a lot about you. So choose your pendants carefully.

Precious Silver Pendants

Silver pendants are cheaper but more aesthetic alternative to the yellow metal. A recent trend seen is adding semi precious stones colored in lavender, black, blue, pink etc. Highly respected silver pendants designer houses bring out superb designs regularly to suit the changing tastes.

You may think that silver pendants suits only ladies. Sterling silver pendants are evergreen products and can be worn casually or as accessory to some dress. They are suited for men and women alike. Silver earrings and silver pendants add to the charm of any girl or lady. Some people even believe that silver brings luck to them.

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