Promise Rings

Promise Rings

Promise Rings ~ A Sign of Love

promise ring
promise ring

Promise rings are ring that is given to a man by a woman as a symbol of commitment and often considered as a mans engagement ring.

Promise rings can also symbolise other emotions and promises, quite often a promise ring will be exchanged between friends or family members as a gesture of love and a promise of eternal friendship.

It is important when offering promise rings to someone that you both understand the meaning of the promise in question, you do not want to give a male friend, promise rings based on a promise of friendship and they think it is a promise of marriage.

If promise rings is for engagement one of the advantages is this type of ring will be considerably lower in price than a normal engagement ring. Titanium is a popular choice of mens promise rings because this type of metal is strong and durable but also light in weight. There are many styles of promise rings, your budget and the promise itself will determine which type of ring you chose, if it is for engagement you may consider diamond promise rings if the ring is a simple promise of friendship then a pain ring with the word friendship engraved on it may suit you better.

All About Promise Rings

Available in a wide range of styles, promise rings are given before marriage to symbolize love and commitment. Whether you choose a 14k gold promise ring, white or yellow gold promise rings or diamond promise rings, it will be a piece of jewelry you treasure forever.

Diamond promise rings are also popular, but more expensive. Semi-precious gemstones can also be used as the focal point of  promise rings. While promise rings may seem similar to engagement rings, there are quite obvious differences between the two.

For example, typical promise rings tend to have much smaller carat weights than engagement rings. Promise rings also tend to be much less expensive and over the top, featuring simplistic designs and lower quality metals.

Promise rings can also mean religious purity, where people wear a promise ring to remind themselves to remain true to a particular religious path or as a promise of sexual abstinence until marriage. They can also be used between friends, and are typically called friendship rings rather than promise rings.

Given from the heart, promise rings are the ultimate token of true love and affection.