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Pink Diamonds

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Diamond, the hardest substance on earth is as strong as a rare and precious jewel evaluated. It is most common in a colorless or pale yellow, but the deep shadows as “fancy colors” to come from time unknown. The most wanted are the red roses and extracted from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. For more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds are exploited and red, while only 5% of the diamonds produced from the mine are of a quality stone less than 1% of them are pink or red. If diamonds are so rare, how can we know that diamonds pink?

These diamonds, as well as all other diamonds are under extremely high pressures and temperatures deep in the crust made known at the base of the old continent in areas such as cratons. It is widely accepted that the diamond lattice is due to the extreme heat and pressure after the formation of stones distorted, causing many to believe that pink diamonds come from deep in the crust while the most common.

The extreme heat and pressure changed slightly, the crystalline structure of diamond, so that it reflects only the shadows of the red light in the spectrum except the color of the diamond will appear to the human eye. The amount of heat and pressure of the diamond is submitted to the magnitude of change in the crystal structure, which is why we find diamonds in all shades of pink and pink to dark red, finally, as noted.

Is this how diamonds are formed pink then, as it is transported to the surface? Under the crust is called inside plastic casing. When tectonic plates collide and create vulnerabilities that can lead to melting of the mantle magma make its way to the surface, often violently erupting volcanoes.

Small, but explosive volcanoes formed when magma rises from the depths of the mantle. These outbreaks, the Kraton magma to the surface in a matter of days or hours and even brings with diamond stones.

The speed of the craton at the surface is an important factor in the preservation of the unique structure of the diamond crystal take pink, quickly from the heat and pressure change, could again. Minors, then extract the diamonds from the diamond pipes or the bed of the nearby rivers, where diamonds have been transported and deposited by weathering and erosion.

The scarcity of natural roses means that people sometimes stains colorless diamonds, but it can not be a true jewel pink are certified. If you buy a pink diamonds, you must be careful now not convinced that a stone was left in a glass of cherry Kool-Aid for a few hours. It is important to remember that handles more or color diamond should always be cheaper than the natural equivalent.

Experts say that natural diamonds is a spark and more beauty rose, but the untrained eye, not in a position to make a difference. If your girlfriend insists on pink, then you should definitely see artificially colored.

Pink diamonds are usually sold separately, so you need a stone ring design of your choice. It’s a nice gesture from his friend because it gives the opportunity to design something unique, but it will cut a wedge into your savings account because the jeweler to be expected given diamond ring designed by her lover.

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