Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

marquise diamond engagement ring

The main attractive feature marquise diamond engagement rings are that they are simple and sophisticated. They became the most popular choice for bridal sets and solitaires with accents and other rings. If you’re a couple choose a marquise stone from her engagement ring, you need to know what this very special diamond, how it affects other aspects of the gemstone.

The origin of the marquise shape is from the France of the 18th Century, when King Louis XIV ordered a new diamond is similar to the sensual smile of your lover. Recently, the marquise diamond has a classic choice for couples interested in an impressive stone, but I would try something different tradition. That’s because many couples feel that the traditional cycle of predictable brilliant. Marquise diamond engagement rings are also known as a shuttle boat-shaped or diamond because of its oblong shape.

It is a special effects optical illusion of a marquise stone. How often is the appearance of a large stone, which is actually in the rock mass, is concentrated in the surface facet? For couples who are on a limited budget, this function is an attractive, because they maximize the appearance of your purchase. The stones are accented with marquise diamonds generally additional channels or points along the strip and are therefore often greater than its weight in carats origin. This is another feature of the marquise diamond engagement rings.

Marquise stones have become the preferred choice for many couples. The stones are ideal for brides with long, slender fingers, which increase the canopy, without making sure the finger wave. For couples with a budget Marquise rings are known more affordable than their colleagues during the year. This is possible because the marquise cut stones can be more easily through the cracks, and carat size can not be so great to get a visual effect. If you are interested in engagement rings bridal sets, a boat is a better option than the conical shape is perfectly adapted to the additional ring enhancer and stone accents. The diamond is a perfect example of turning a classic, elegant and sophisticated. Round stones preferred because they are very common and predictable.

Or accent any wedding ring engagement ring and more popular designed with Marquise stones. Shift in the bands on stage is not on either side of the midline uniform stone, cutting stone completely best oval, round, pear-shaped accents extra look. However, there are also many jewelers offer and design styles, the use of stone and makes bold spectacular.

Classic or Tiffany setting pin can be considered the best setting for the marquise diamond engagement rings. To protect are usually four teeth, two on each side is used to ensure that the body cover along the cliffs and peaks against chipping or breaking of the two additional teeth.

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