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Kay jewelers are about ninety years old. The simple original inspiration of ​​two brothers, Edmund and Sol Kaufmann from Pennsylvania, has led to the creation of Kay. Kay opened the first jewelry store on the corner of furniture belonging to his father.

At first, Kay jewelers are selling things, apart from jewelers. Some of their first products made of glass, electric shavers, music boxes, jewelry, and cutlery, cooking utensils and radios, too. But later changed over time, Kay was concentrated in the jewelry sector. Own a piece of jewelry special meaning as that of your precious stones, are not only no doubt as a decoration on your body but also an expression of their individuality.

Do you know your gemstones? A gem that is often called birthstones pieces of glass heart of the earth. These fragments are cut into shape, polished and improved to produce color for ornaments and jewelry.

If you were born in January, the gemstone is garnet. Garnet is almost a rainbow of colors from dark red to orange and opulent gold, violet and lavender, green and flexible distance. This gemstone is to promote fairness, honesty and dedication. Amethyst is the gem of the month of February. It is a strain of purple to violet pink quartz-rich slightly sweet black grapes. Aquamarine is for people born in March. As the name suggests, this stone the color of the sea and the caption says it is the treasure of mermaids. If cut and removed most aquamarines are greenish. For a pure blue color that enhances the stones by heat. Diamonds are prized for their genius, elegance and purity. Gem is April. Diamond derives its name “Adam”, the Greek word for invincible or indestructible. Value of a diamond is determined by its cut, clarity, color and carat.

Gem May is represented by Esmeralda. Esmeralda has re-birth and wealth because of his bright green color, often considered to be related to the color of spring, the regeneration of life and symbolizes the hope for new opportunities here. For June is the pearl. Cultured or natural pearls can. Pearls, precious stones, in contrast to other living organism such as mussels and oysters produced and can find at Kay jewelers. Contrary to the belief that pearls are formed in white pearl varies. It’s ranging from champagne pink, yellow, lavender, gold, gray and black. July is Ruby gem – a jewel in the longing and passion. For most of history, the ruby ​​has been described as the most valuable. It is believed that the ability to life, the will and the promotion of good thoughts.

Peridot is a comparatively flexible gemstone. It is the desired shades of lime and stone for the month of August. This stone has been credited with magical healing powers and the power to guide and protect against evil nightmares. September is represented by Sapphire. This stone has an infinite blue palette, but otherwise all the gems, is also available in other shades of red, purple, orange and white found, too. A perfect sapphire is a rare masterpiece. For the month of October is the gemstone opal. Regarded as a symbol of purity, fidelity and hope, and was called by the Romans as the Queen of Gems, for the nuances and colors of all other precious stones in Kay jewelers. Opal has the ability to play with colors. Another set of quartz, citrine, the cornerstone of November. Its color varies from light yellow to brown. And for those born in December, is Topaz. It is a very durable stone, but suddenly alive, a sign will be similar to the diamond split.

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