Jewellery Gold

Jewellery Gold

Jewellery Gold

“24 Karat is the Purest Gold”

jewellery gold ring
jewellery gold ring

Gold is mostly preferred while making jewellery for special occasions like traditional Asian engagements and weddings. 24 karat is the pure and UN altered form of gold that may not have durability if used to make jewellery.

Other forms are the mixed forms of gold with some other metals. Higher rank of mixed form will be expensive and the lower rank will be cheaper. The gram weight shows the weight of item and the quantity of gold used. If the gram weight is higher, definitely the jewellery gold will be stronger and expensive. Jewellery gold is also available in three different colors that are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold. You can also purchase two-tone style jewellery mean two different colors of gold used in single set of jewellery gold.

You must try different styles of jewellery gold and select the one which suits you. Gold-filled jewellery is one more option that is inexpensive but contains more gold than gold plated jewellery. Use the recommended treatments to clean and store the jewellery safely.

Buying Jewellery Gold

The word gold can refer both to (24K) gold and gold in general. All authentic jewellery  gold should have a carat notice on it Р14k, 16k, 18k etc.

The karat quality tells you the mixture of gold to base metal. For example, 14K jewellery gold contains 14 parts of gold mixed with 10 parts of base. The higher the karat, the more gold it contains.

You should see a karat quality mark on all real jewellery gold. Gold plated jewellery is different. Other types of “jewellery gold” include gold-filled, gold overlay and rolled gold plate. If it’s not disclosed fully, don’t buy the jewellery.

Gold electroplate describes jewellery that, by electrolytic process, has of a minimum of 10 karat gold deposited on a base metal. Costume jewellery fall into a different category.

Jewellery Gold  Trend

The world is mad behind fashion, and jewellery has an integral importance in fashion. Fashion conscious people always give more importance to the type and design of jewellery they are wearing. Be it a man or woman, jewellery items are must in every fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. Although, there are several types of jewellery in use these days but jewellery gold always has its own set of importance. Diamond, pearls and other precious stones are in demand too, but gold is unbeatable.

The trend in jewellery gold designs is always flexible and they keep changing according to the fashion and customer’s demand and choice. There are numerous changes in design of jewellery gold. Jewellery designers are experimenting with gold all the time and presenting different kind of jewellery gold. Jewellery gold at the height of its expression portrays limitless possibilities for vitality and humor. The element of surprise creates a break with tradition and allows for a blend of different materials, colors, forms and textures. The use of lively colors and designs opens up new visual horizons for designers and jewellery lovers both.

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