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Natural diamonds and not fancy diamonds are hard to find because they are very rare in nature, especially the yellow-green diamond, and the reason that have exposed the need for diamonds for a little color in them, have been the source of radioactive a certain point in time, but the trick is that when a radioactive source is exposed, these diamonds inherited defects of the same mass. In short, we can say that would not be less than a couple of thousand or millions of years, only a single diamond is green.

Therefore, if there is a green diamond, which is naturally green, so make sure one of the rarest of all and especially to see one of the most expensive.

To meet the needs and wishes of the people, the market has improved in treated diamonds are not in any way artificial or synthetic told they are natural diamonds that have been treated to give the green. These diamonds are very popular among the people known and are commonly known as fancy diamonds.

The cost of this road is much more colorless white diamonds and the reason is that it takes a fee for processing, so it rarely. And often, it makes the most elegant woman is an absolute necessity in the jewelry box and certainly a good thing they are proud.

Earrings have always been a favorite of a woman, and what is sure to find at least a few pairs of earrings in your jewelry box. Earrings are also important from the wrath of women of all age groups, especially those embedded with fancy diamonds in them.

Diamond earrings are really something special studies and desired by both sexes. Diamond studs were popular for centuries, and every woman would someday have seen with one. Diamond studs are gaining popularity among men as well, which reflects her strong personality and really define what they are.

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As expected, the demand grew at an affordable price fantasies, technological advances, such as heat treatments have been developed. This process artificially colored natural way in fancy diamonds crystals. This increase in desirable shades on the glass, the precious stones extracted from the nuances of celebrities from luxury, but affordable price tags!

Heat treatment, if do properly a permanent change in the properties of the reflected light by impurities in the diamond crystal. This means that the color “disappear” is not the heat-treated gems, but it is eternal. And since diamonds are real treasures were removed, which is a real gem diamond, much better than the alternatives natural laboratory cultivated by man!

Naturally, the fancies of various colors and shades are available. By connecting celebrity, pink fancy diamonds are very popular and expensive, of course. There are still large differences in price though. The most popular bubble gum pink and baby is much more expensive than a pink diamond.

But if you really want to have an affordable luxury diamond, you should look for other colors and shades of pink, less popular, to find something to match your budget. In particular, black, chocolate, champagne, yellow and blue colors popular fancy diamonds jewelry is also relatively affordable in those days.