Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring

Mean of Eternity Ring

eternity rings
eternity rings

Eternity ring are beautiful symbols of love that your sweetheart is sure to cherish for years to come. But what are the true meanings of eternity ring? Eternity ring are ring, usually made of gold, white gold, or platinum, that feature stones that encompass the outside of the ring all the way around. The stones most often used are diamonds. Wedding bands symbolize the eternal circle of love and life. The circle must never be broken.

This is one reason that eternity ring are so popular as wedding bands. They don’t only beautifully compliment a diamond engagement ring, but they are one continuous unbreakable circle. Because of diamond placement circling the ring, you can’t size it. Cutting the band could cause you to lose stones and some believe, break the eternal circle. Eternity ring must be made to be the size that you need.

Diamonds on eternity ring represent all of these meanings in an eternal circle, essentially magnifying their meanings, continually encompassing the finger in a never-ending circle of lasting beauty. Some people use eternity ring to symbolize various moments in their lives. Eternity ring should always symbolize something. Your special relationships, friendships and love can be forever symbolized in eternity ring.

Eternity Ring Sign for Love Forever

Eternity rings are available as either half eternity or as full eternity rings. With a half eternity ring larger stones are usually featured, circling half way around the ring; while with a full eternity ring smaller stones are preferred with stones fully circling the ring. Some designers have successfully created full eternity ring consisting of larger stones, rings which still look attractive and offer a good fit.

Of course, if you are married and already wear an engagement ring and a wedding band, what is the proper way to wear an eternity ring?

Though there aren’t any hard and fast rules on how to wear an eternity ring, many women choose to wear their rings with either their engagement ring or wedding, but not both. For some women they prefer to wear all three rings but they’ll move their wedding band to their right hand ring finger. Eternity ring, no matter what they are called, offer a conspicuous design not found on other rings.

Eternity Rings for an Eternity

Eternity ring are given as wedding rings, anniversary rings, special occasion rings or just as a random loving gift. More and more women are buying eternity ring for themselves. Third, it is not like buying yourself an engagement ring. When children inherit engagement rings and traditional wedding bands, they may not want to wear them. If you want to give an heirloom gift that the recipients will be proud to wear, an eternity ring is a wonderful option.

One growing trend is to give an eternity ring when a woman has a child. They can be worn as wedding bands or right hand rings. As the woman has more children, you can give her more eternity ring. Eternity ring are often made with a full circle or half circle of diamonds.

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