Dirty Diamonds in Africa

Dirty Diamonds in Africa

For some people, especially those who are Africans, it is sure that dirty diamonds are things which are not strange in their ears at all. These diamonds are things that remind them to some events happened in Africa some time ago. The diamonds is also called as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. They are such a terrible name to call but they are truly the representation of what had happened.

Historical Background of Dirty Diamonds

When we are talking about dirty diamonds, we are not actually talking about a song entitle Dirty Diamonds Alice Cooper or some dirty diamonds movie, although the can possibly related. Here, we are actually talking about some diamonds mined in some areas in Africa, especially during Civil War till some recent time.

They are called as dirty diamonds not because of the physical look which is dirty but more because of some historical background can be found in them. It can be said that there were some historical conflict happened between civilians and government. The government seemed to take advantage from those civilians in relation to diamonds mined in the area that finally leads to some conflict which can also be called as war.

Many parties already said that dirty diamonds are the representation of injustice experienced by so many Africans sometime in the past. They are treated unfairly for something which later on be commercialized. It seems to be quite contradictive because the fact that the diamonds are part of lifestyle.

Do Dirty Diamonds Still Exist Today?

If being asked about whether or not this diamonds are still exists today, well, it is a quite hard question to answer. One thing which is sure is that today’s Africa is sure to be different. It seems that people are living in better condition there now, which is surely different to the time when dirty diamonds were sensitive topic to talk about.