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Diamonds is a best friend girl! It is a loveliness and uniqueness, it is simple to like. Buying these stone is a huge duty and an enthuse happiness. There are several types to buy diamonds, you have to learn the fake so that they can differentiate between fake vs. real. Today, the best fake diamond is in great demand. Here are some simple solutions or methods that you recognize the difference among real vs. fake diamond. The best way to learn the precious diamond is to acquire knowledge of a diamond. If possible, take the diamond with you at the store and get all the details of the jewelry. The best fake diamond looks very much like the real that even a professional can be confusing and it can be difficult to determine. If you disagree with the views of the real in the professional satisfaction, here is one way to find out is a real diamond, and it’s a fake diamond.

The first method is the diamond using diamond checker as it check to differentiate. This is an electronic control unit to check all the diamonds except the moissanite stone for which the diamond tester is not reliable. The best fake diamond is the weight of this diamond cubic zirconia is about 50% more than a real diamond of the same shape and size.

Another method is set the transparency test in which the diamond is the head of the newspaper and if the written material can be from day to read, then make sure the diamond is not real and can better are fake diamonds. A disadvantage of this method is that some stones may look like a real diamond due its fine cutting. In this case, we must be sure how to cut the stones.

The third method is test in the fog. Hold the stone or diamond and blow through the mouth of the pit when the fog on the stone and stays there for the next few seconds later, shows that the stone is a best fake diamond because in case of a real diamond heat disappears immediately.  The layers of grease and dirt on the stone could be distinguished problems on fake vs. real diamond. Therefore, before a clean test for best fake diamond, the surface.

The UV test is another method that can be the true diamonds of the best fake diamond find. The real diamond projects blue light share when under ultraviolet or black. There are two possibilities if the blue light does not appear that it is better or rhinestones may be a diamond of high quality.

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