Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings Review

diamond stud earrings
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Buy on fashion tips for women diamond stud earrings, there is some well kept secrets about styles and how they adapted for installation in your ear. Depending on configuration, a diamond can be down, or sitting elegantly on the front of the earlobe. It is a shame in a good pair of diamonds that look sloppy, if it is used to invest.

First pass small stones: if you half a carat total weight or less (which means that each quarter carat diamond weight), and almost all coping very good buy because it is very easy.

However, if you buy a carat, carats of two or more pairs of diamond stud earrings, it is necessary to carefully examine the coping style. There are three basic types of configuration described below, and you can “earring Diamond View” the images by clicking on the end of this article to compare.

diamond stud earrings settings

Setting the Crown-style: Most Jewelers’ sell a variety of style, the crown of diamonds (and weight) are carries forward. The weight of this diamond stud earrings is often covered the slope of the lower lobe, which in a race. The style settings for the crown looks like a solid metal cup with oval cuts, the four points to extend hold the diamond.

Setting the cage: high diamond studs mounted together in a basket of depth, which is like the weight more evenly, and the results in a slope, the more or less directly into the ear. The setting of the basket is not solid metal. Open thread is lighter and looks like a ring on the underside with four legs vertically son, and a second ring at the top. If you buy the basketball configuration, the diamond stud earrings should be put in the basket to keep the focus closer to the ear lobe, for a good fit.

Martini Style Settings: The best option, but it is hard to find, and is called a martini-style. In this style, supports the back of the diamond (buttocks) are most likely against the earlobe. Since the focus is back on, the diamond is supported by the ear lobe, for a clean appearance, clean future. Martini style setting in the diamond with three points is instead of four as in the past two coping strategies. This shows the brilliance and fire of diamond stud earrings more efficiently because there is less metal that covers the stone itself. If you set the button Martini appears with the message as a martini glass with three simple sons, to hold of the diamond and extends to three points.

Extra style settings: You can consider a style, such as wire  setting or adjustment of the rear of the lever known. Strictly speaking, this is not a diamond, but it is a beautiful environment. The wire is wire C shaped, which is consistent with piercing of ear and slap on the back. All the cables at the back ear and the diamond sit just below the earlobe, rather than from within. The weight and shape of the cable behind the ear ensure that the diamond stud earrings directly below the anterior lobe into an elegant look.