Diamond Ring Solitaire

Diamond Ring Solitaire

A Diamond Ring Solitaire for Engagement

solitaire diamond
solitaire diamond

Shopping for that diamond ring solitaire can be quite an adventure/misadventure if you don’t gear up for it.

1. List down what are the things you’re looking for your diamond ring solitaire. Jotting down preferred cut, shape, metal, and cost can help you find that perfect diamond ring solitaire for your fiancĂ©e.

2. Surf the net for the latest trends in diamond ring solitaire designs.

3. Since the diamond ring solitaire will exalt the magnificence of the diamond itself, you should examine the stone closely.

4. Consider the size of the diamond. Aside from the size of the diamond stone, the cut or shape of your diamond ring solitaire can set it apart from the rest. The safest and most common cuts are round but you can also opt for princess solitaire or square cut stone, modern heart shape, pear or tear drop shape, oval shape, marquise shape, emerald cut, radiant shape, and asscher shape based on your personal taste.

Buying A Diamond Ring Solitaire

Traditionally a diamond ring solitaire is purchased and given for engagement, although there are many other types of engagement rings available and as trends change these styles become more popular, the diamond solitaire always seems to be the favourite.

Diamond ring solitaire can vary greatly in price depending on the size of the diamond and the ring set the diamond solitaire is set in.

The modern heart shape, pear or tear drop shape, marquise shape, emerald cut and princess solitaire

Diamonds are graded and the lower grade diamond solitaries are always cheaper in price than the higher grade ones, when you do purchase your diamond solitaire always ask to see any paperwork that the ring has, ask for a authenticity certificate.

A diamond solitaire is not only one of the most important rings you will ever give or receive it is also an investment so consider how you will insure the diamond solitaire once it has been purchased, usually diamond solitaires are not covered on your household policy so it is worth spending some time on this matter.

Affordable Diamond Ring Solitaire

A diamond ring solitaire gives the luster and glamour to the deep feeling of love. If the bride-to-be is fashion conscious, then you can impress her with emerald cut shapes of diamond. Diamonds are costly and most of the couples certainly can not afford to purchase larger ones. Still, they can shop for a smaller and low priced diamond and make it appear larger as a solitaire diamond on the top of the engagement ring.

For instance, bezel settings nestles the smaller diamond to highlight it. While shopping for diamonds ensure the 4Cs, namely cut, clarity, and color and carat size and keep your budget in mind. A colorless diamond is expensive. Do not rush to the jeweler’s shop to buy diamond ring solitaire. Browse the websites of the jewelers and find all the details about diamond ring solitaire. To combat the competition, many jewelers can be found offering the rings and diamonds at lower prices than others, with some schemes and gifts also offered.