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Cultured Diamonds

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There are many advantages for the cultured diamonds. But first, a brief definition of what they are. Grown diamonds, also known as “synthetic” diamond crystals are known by a technical process rather than natural diamonds, which is produced by geological processes. The diamonds are growing by chemical vapor deposition; a method of culture with the creation of the environment and circumstances, the settled for the C atoms in a gas on a diamond substrate in the correct form is produced crystal. It can also be a “man” diamonds are called.

In his pioneering work in the field, the Japanese have a mixture of gases containing carbon monoxide have assumed (in his case, methane) and hydrogen in a quartz tube at a pressure of 0.05 atmospheres. Using of microwave heating the mixture to 800 ° C on both methane and hydrogen to dissociate into elemental form. Carbon is deposited on a substrate, mainly in the form of graphite, but a very small part of the diamond crystal. Graphite is “eliminated” by the hydrogen, leaving a thin layer of diamond; the first layer was about 25 microns thick.

There are several advantages of a cultured diamonds on a natural diamond. The first advantage is the quality. Mother Nature rarely produces a perfect diamond of the reason for the clarity and the image is an important part of determining the value of these jewels. The properties of diamond become dependent on the manufacturing process used for production, but are usually higher than the version of Mother Nature. Diamonds are formed cultured, like Mother Nature has created it controls, except in one very much, so that a higher quality diamond.

The second big advantage of a natural diamond is that they are often much cheaper. It has cultured diamonds an average price of synthetic diamond or a small fraction of a natural disaster, making it an economical alternative, without the benefits of a natural diamond. It’s like the difference between the use of recycled paper and no. Both are paper, but it’s good for the environment. You need not sacrifice quality by using recycled paper, but sure to offend a purist, somewhere.

Finally, another advantage of buying synthetic diamonds is color. Colored diamonds are rare novelty in nature, which makes them unaffordable. Diamonds can often be grown in color and size depending on the client.

Years ago, her mother at the thought of a man made diamond would have cried. Today, however, are becoming more common and the odds are hard to pass, so if you keep buying diamonds this year necessarily cultured diamonds as one of its many opportunities.

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