Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

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Think of a precious diamond and what comes to mind would be a perfect stone and colorless. But the truth is that fancy colored diamond is actually more expensive and precious than any jewel traditional elite. There are several factors that determine the credit worthiness of colored diamond engagement rings as the inherent perfection, color and a certain intensity and rarity of the gem.

In principle, a pure diamond, the crystalline form of carbon and would be free of additional minerals or elements that may distort the stone and its structure. However, certain other elements in the chemical composition of most natural diamonds are incorporated as they form. These additional elements that add color stones. The stone color varies, what are other elements of the crystal structure dependent. Absorption of radiation is another way in which the color of the diamond profits. This happens when the crystals deformed rock or bent to absorb light in different ways. Thus, the stone in different colors are even in the absence of other chemicals.

The quality and value of fancy colored diamond engagement rings is determined by different criteria. In general, all diamonds, regardless of the color for its carat weight, clarity and precision cutting and the fourth factor is the color can be assessed. In fantasy colored diamond, the tone is obviously the most important factor in assessing quality. Know there are three elements of the stone, meaning the total value of the particular shade of color, texture and intensity. To be precise, we can say that the stone would have more value if the color is deeper. This is more efficient in bright colors like yellow and pink. A fancy colored diamond elegant appearance in the sense of bold colors is not affected by gradients or other variations. However, deficiencies are evident in the colored diamonds, which are not confused with the refraction of light into colors.

The stone quality and clarity that the price determined by rhinestones. A small stone, with rich colors would be more useful than a large stone with an average quality. Therefore, the colored stones are more expensive than comparable colorless diamonds. So many couples go for colors and so affordable alternatives.

If you want to make the best use of colored diamond engagement rings, you need a simple ring design choose not detract from the beauty of the stone. The setting should not to conquer high point of the stone. In addition, emphasis should also block the main color diamond competition. Although choice of the metal ring make sure to avoid the contrast. Normally, white and platinum are preferred because they are strong enough to protect a precious stone. And its neutral color would not be the diamond in the ring.

Since colored diamond engagement rings rare and prestigious, the desire by the engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Couples can choose wisely budget diamonds input for understanding the reasons for the color of diamonds and how the color has a special value.

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