Chocolate Diamond Earrings

Chocolate Diamond Earrings

Chocolate Diamond Earrings Le Vian


chocolate diamond earrings
chocolate diamond stud earrings

Chocolate diamond earrings are actually brown diamonds. They are the most common colors in diamonds. The Argyle mine in Australia produces about one-third of the world’s diamonds every year, and 80% are brown diamonds. The dark brown diamonds are to occur from the deformation of the crystal lattice structure around the diamond. Heat treatments and gemologist’s pressure resulted in a position to be lighter brown diamonds and champagne diamonds, yellow and sometimes without turning.

The company has the merit of Vian chocolate diamonds to the attention of the world of jewelry. A dynasty of jewelry began centuries old, the family of Le Vian designing jewelry in beautiful brown diamonds in the 2000s. They are in fact the company came up with “Chocolate Diamonds” name that describes perfectly the beautiful brown color. Le Vian diamond (sometimes mistakenly referred to as chocolate diamonds Levian) are part of his haute couture collections and some of the most famous in the world, including Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Demi Moore have used. Le Vian jewelry worn by women name is tens of thousands of dollars.

Thank God, Vian has a wonderful collection of rings and other jewelry affordable rates. When it comes to his chocolate diamond rings seem to be the most wanted. Rings of approximately $ 1200 can be found in the parameters of 14-karat yellow gold and white gold, when what is your preference. The Vian often partner with diamonds, gold, pink gold named Strawberry. The result is impressive, perfectly complementing the subtle rose gold, the sparkle of diamonds to chocolate brown. Pendant and chocolate diamond earrings are also a popular choice. Each of these pairs would be nice, with a diamond engagement ring or bracelet Pandora gold.

chocolate diamond earrings studs

If you owe in the market for a class, elegance, fine jewelry, then you have it to yourself to look to dark chocolate brown diamonds. They are available everywhere, but you can find a wonderful selection of them in many online jewelry stores online reputation. Make sure when you shop online, that the business has a good return policy in case what you get is not exactly what I wanted. Le Vian jewelry is of the highest quality and I recommend you start there, if you’re just starting out in search of diamonds to chocolate.

As there are many synthetic versions are out there, you should know at a jeweler you trust and that you deliver the truth. The fact is that it is difficult to say for everyone, no matter the color of the diamond is real or fake, you have the good faith and documentation that shows the authenticity of certified diamonds sold trust. This is important when you buy colored or colorless diamonds. After all, you pay a lot of money for your jewelry. The last thing you want to do this is to pay too much for a fake.

If you want a little color, but do not want to go as dark as chocolate brown has become so popular, then you might consider buying diamond rings champagne. The color of Champagne is potential that concentrations low of nitrogen particulate in the diamond stones. If these concentrations are less evenly distributed in the stone, creating a yellowish tint, so the reason for champagne color. Would you like your significant other to make more impressive than ever before, is a unique piece of jewelry, make you stand out from the crowd? If you want to impress you come back to your loved ones and win plus points’ right, then buy chocolate diamond earrings.