Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry – A Beautiful Design

silver celtic jewelry
silver celtic jewelry

Yes, Celtic Jewelry is beautifully designed … but it also has a purpose.

Celtic jewelry is often worn to indicate that a person is proud of being a Celt. The design of Celtic jewelry is often intricate and almost always steeped in the past. The Celtic cross that incorporates both Christian and ancient Celtic pagan design elements is a popular example.

Types of Celtic Jewelry.

Since ancient times, Celtic jewelry has been famous for its beauty and its fine craftsmanship. Many different types of Celtic jewelry incorporate “Celtic knots,” the beautiful, stylized representations of endless knots that were used by ancient Celts to symbolize their pagan religious beliefs.

A Celtic cross, encrusted with diamonds, is a particularly striking piece. But many other well-known Celtic design elements, such as the Tree of Life, the Trinity Knot, dragons (especially Welsh dragons) and the Claddagh design can be incorporated into Celtic jewelry.

Other types of Celtic jewelry include tie tacs and tie pins, lockets, cuff links, earrings and even watches. Back to the True Purpose of Celtic Jewelry, Celtic jewelry is a way, a very visible and beautiful way, to honor, celebrate and revel in Celtic culture.

Popular Celtic Jewelry

Frequently Celtic wedding bands are selected as an alternative to more traditional wedding rings. In many cases owners of Celtic jewelry choose to have their ring engraved. This style of Celtic wedding band is often referred to as a Claddagh ring.

In Celtic jewelry, the knot symbolizes a crossing place where two people meet. Celtic jewelry may also be found in the form of an Irish cross. Alternative pendant styles are available too. While Celtic jewelry traditionally is made in white or yellow gold, there are also other styles available. The best Celtic jewelry has traditionally been handcrafted by a professional; however, you may find that some so-called Celtic jewelry is not actually handmade. To ensure that you are getting a piece of handmade Celtic jewelry, you should properly research the jewelry. There are also a number of online jewelry stores which are devoted solely to Irish and Celtic jewelry styles. More than a plain band or a simple ring, Celtic jewelry styles are rich with symbols representing love, connection, family and friendship.

The Beautiful Mystery Unraveled

Jewelers use numerous Celtic patterns like the cross and spiral to create mysterious jewelry pieces. Celtic spirals symbolize eternity and are abundantly used in Celtic jewelry. Celtic cross: Catholics believe that the Celtic cross denotes eternity and endless love for the Almighty. Celtic Knots: Celtic knots are the most distinguishing features of Celtic jewelry, with intricate designs and patterns. A celtic knot denotes eternity and interconnectedness and yet, you will not find any definitive guide that explains the Celtic knots.

Celtic rings and bracelets are the most popular Celtic jewelry items and usually complete the symbolism. Celtic necklaces are also integral parts of Celtic jewelry and it entirely depends on the wearer’s preference. Pendants usually depict the image of Celtic figures like the ever-popular knot, spiral, serpent, Celtic cross and dragon. Celtic jewelry enhances all dresses and adds a spiritual meaning to any occasion.