Emerald Rings ~ Special Gift for The Special Women

emerald ring
emerald ring

Emerald rings, necklaces, and earrings also make great gifts. Many people look down on emerald rings as jewelry because they see it as costume jewelry. Emerald rings or necklace can certainly accent a lovely pair of green eyes, and get stares and compliments that diamonds would not warrant. There is something unique about emerald rings that does not go along with a diamond. However lovely diamond rings are, they come a dime a dozen and if you give your lady a diamond, chances are that ten of her friends will have a ring of similar nature. Emerald rings is the type of jewelry that often goes unnoticed an unappreciated. If you want to give your loved one the type of gift that they will remember forever, diamonds are okay but emerald rings is better. An emerald ring can be found at remarkable prices, if you know where to look.

Emerald Rings- May’s Gemstone

Emerald rings with an emerald stone is a precious gemstone frequently incorporated into some of the most modern, beautiful handmade jewelry in the world. Emerald rings is the green variety of the species beryl and is one of the three most precios bluish-green. The name “Emerald” is derived from the French word “esmeraude,” which goes back to the Greek word “smaragdos” that means “green gemstone.” Emerald rings has long been considered the finest of the green colored stones, as it is often compared to rich green landscapes–Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle.”

Emerald rings gemstones look best as parts of formal evening jewelry when paired with Black Onyx, white pearls or black diamonds. More casual combinations include lighter contrasts of green emerald with quartz, carnelian or topaz. Emerald rings is typically considered a sophisticated gemstone that works well with any outfit. The Emerald was first mined in Egypt around 3500 BC. Learn more about all semi-precious gemstones, including amethyst, apatite, black onyx, blue topaz, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, coral, garnet, white topaz, crystal, diamond, emerald, iolite, jade, Labradorite, moonstone, pearl, peridot, prehnite, rose quarz, ruby, sapphire, smokey topaz, tanzanite, tourmaline and tourquoise when you check out this gemstone chart.

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