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War Diamonds: Topic in Many Nowadays Reading

From so many humanity and politics issues happen until now, it can surely be said that war diamonds can be included. The fact that the talking about war diamonds Africa is something quite sensitive and problematic make is very reasonable that the diamonds are used by many people, media, or some others as the main topic of various readings can be found nowadays.

Books about War Diamonds

When some people still think that war diamonds is a topic used by some people as the main idea of the articles or other similar readings that they write, it is not so surprising that it is actually also a topic can be found in books which written in purpose, which is to open the eyes of the world about some humanity injustice happened in Africa, which might be still happening now.

A quite famous media as National Geographic is also known to be the one who raised the issue of war diamonds to public in a book. The book is entitled Diamonds of War: Africa’s Blood Diamonds. It is also known as National Geographic war diamonds.

In the book, we can know many authentic explanations about war diamonds in Africa. It can be said that there are some main discussions can be found in this book. They are, for example, about the smuggling of diamonds in Africa and profit resulted from diamonds selling which is unfortunately used to finance terrorists.

War Diamonds in Movies

Besides some example about readings with conflict diamonds as the main topic as exemplified previously, there are actually some other things found to have the diamonds as the main idea. The example of it is the existence of some movies about war diamonds, as the one entitled Blood Diamonds, in which Leonardo DiCaprio id the cast and in which true story is the base.