diamond-heart-necklaceA diamond heart necklace can be a very unique piece of jewelry, no matter the shape or the size. Whether you have received a diamond heart necklace as a gift from your loved one, or you are just thinking of buying one for yourself, you may be wondering of the different ways to wear your it with different outfits in order to create a bold, statement look. Heart pendant necklaces may be a bit traditional, but that doesn’t mean that they are boring. Your whole look can totally shine if you know how to pair them with your outfit and other accessories. For making that happen, you have to keep in mind a few styling tips, for wearing your diamond heart necklace in the best ways possible.

Layering necklaces is on trend at the moment, which is inspired by the good old days as well. You can either layer many different pendants on one chain or layer several separate necklaces, while one of them can be your diamond heart necklace. The best and most stylish way to layer your necklaces is to go for several chains that differ in length. You can add one or two pendants on each chain for the perfect look. This look is usually good for casual outfits, but you can also wear it with a dressier look, if you know how!

diamond-heart-necklace-pendantA long diamond heart necklace is also very unique and fashionable. So if you have one large diamond heart pendant or a few small pieces of heart jewelry, you can add them all on a long chain for a classy, fabulous look.

A diamond heart necklace that comes both in yellow gold and white gold is a bit different when it comes to styling. At first you might find it difficult to wear it with your other jewelry, but actually it’s pretty easy if you know the right ways. You can simply wear your two tone diamond heart necklace with both silver and gold jewelry.