White Gold Jewelry and a Black Dress

14k white gold jewelry
14k white gold jewelry

Nothing looks as good when paired with a black dress as white gold jewelry. When it is mined gold it is always yellow in color, miners don’t strike veins of yellow, pink, and white gold jewelry. Gold, in its pure form, is extremely soft, not even remotely suitable for jewelry. In order to create jewelry from the precious mineral jewelry manufactures use an alloy that (a recipe that uses copper silver and gold) strengthens the gold. The alloy that the jewelry manufactures use is what determines color of the gold.

White gold jewelry is created when the jeweler adds a bleaching element to the gold alloy. There are actually two different shades of white gold jewelry. Jewelry that is made out Palladium white gold jewelry has a gray shade while jewelry created with Nickel white gold has a yellow tinge. When considering a piece of white gold jewelry it is important to remember that there could be some subtle changing in the gold’s tinting as the jewelry ages.

When you are cleaning your white gold jewelry use gentle detergents and warm water this will help to protect the gold.

Popular White Gold Jewelry

One of the most popular is the white gold jewelry. First of all, white gold is still gold. However, it is an alloy of gold that has been mixed with at least one other metal. Just like the yellow gold that we have come to know and love, the white gold’s purity is, of course, given to us in carats. First of all, when white gold jewelry is made with nickel, it’s a lot stronger than other white gold jewelry. Most of the time, the highest carat white gold you are going to find is 18k. In the really high class white gold rings, you can find things like platinum being used.

One more thing to keep in mind about white gold jewelry is that it does not retain it’s shine quite like other metals do, thus, a lot of times white gold jewelry has to be coated with rhodium. Without the coating of this rhodium, very few people would like the dull look of white gold jewelry.

So why do people like the white gold jewelry look so much nowadays? When did all the jewelry start getting made out of white gold jewelry? This really came about as the rappers got into the white gold jewelry look.