Brown Diamonds

Brown Diamonds

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Brown diamonds are traditional for their cut, clarity, color and carat, or rated the lack of color. The most valuable were the highest ever, with no color. However, diamonds are naturally in more than 300 different colors and unusual presence made it very expensive, especially the attractive colors. In particular, the pretty pink, red, blue and orange, very much appreciated. In contrast, unattractive and often shades of brown, white diamonds, were dismissed as merely the number of white diamonds. Become like the modest white chocolate brown is a very sought-after diamond?

These jewels of the earth colors have been a hot topic, but not always popular. At a time when it is unacceptable for jewelry because they are considered low color. Brown diamonds was not intense enough to be as fancy color diamonds, but there were a lot of colors so that they are like a precious diamond, white can be viewed. Several of them were reserved for utilize for industrial ideas instead. And with the assist of the provider of the good mix with the beauty of this jewelry are becoming more fashionable as the attraction or a decorative element in jewelry.

In 2000, chocolate diamonds, known simply as “little color”, “brown diamonds” or “C4-C6” diamonds. But to stimulate market demand for her, Le Vian diamond brands some of its brown with a hint of particularly rich in “chocolate diamonds”. Support has a very effective impact of millions of dollars, the multimedia advertising campaign was. The distinctive color of the gemstone as a diamond-rich dark chocolate has been identified.

Le Vian also chose the name. Chocolate is a delicious pleasure at affordable prices. The appointment of these brown diamonds conjured up images of luxury joy, pleasure, comfort and affordability that people want. The demand for them was on, as they were used by over 100 celebrities on the red carpet ceremonies prices around the world excited. What happens to celebrities wearing a device on request?

Le Vian actually developed the market for diamonds and chocolate, while others jumped on the proverbial band wagon and conditions for use as a “chocolate” diamonds, has Vian identify too strongly with the exclusive use of the description. This means that for many the terms so closely associated with the name Le Vian, the wonderfully rich brown diamonds color is assigned.

Brown Diamonds Jewelry

However, all the cafes of the color of a diamond luxury chocolate, but the colors have seen an increase in demand. That is because she calls have benefited also from a change of name. In particular, renamed luxury lighter brown cinnamon, brandy, coffee, champagne and even diamonds! Among them, the rich cognac gems are probably the most popular in spite of all brown diamonds used in the jewelry industry today, and even engagement rings.
This is great news for anyone wanting a special piece of diamond jewelry. Browns luxury abounds still a lot of shadows are more expensive than white diamonds. Now they are not low-grade gemstones, brown diamonds jewelry that it considered very affordable.