Black Diamonds Earrings

Black Diamonds Earrings

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black diamonds earrings
black diamond earrings for men

Like all the fancy colors, black diamonds earrings have the same crystal structure and chemical properties as a virgin. It consists of crystalline carbon, and is the hardest substance known to mankind. This means that they are not cut or scratched by a diamond except harder. However, inclusions and impurities in the structure of a black diamond, it is more likely to rupture and the opposition during the cutting of their white counterparts, even though blacks to be more difficult if they tend to cut.

The natural black color appears from microscopic countless particles of smoke, magnetite, carbon graphite and hematite which were attentive within the lattice structure crystal of the stone during its configuration. Because they are an integral part of the network structure, these particles are known as inclusions and impurities. High concentrations of inclusions diamond forming clouds. They absorb light and give the stone its rich appearance and shiny black metal.

Because of its deep color comes from inclusions, rather than the impurities, which are in much localized distortions of color, most black opaque diamonds. However, semi-precious stones are translucent and transparent form, and when they meet, to be very valuable.

Because of its rarity, has black diamonds used in contemporary jewelry have been improved. The improvement process, which is derive from the natural rock formation, exhibitions of authentic samples, the intense heat and radiation mimics. This deepens and darkens its natural colors and produces elegant black diamonds earrings.

Meanwhile, black onyx is elegant and chic. Favorite jeweler may be onyx set with other precious stones. There can be a big difference to any metal or stone, but especially diamonds. The beauty stone and the sparkle of diamonds make jewelry, timeless and dazzling. Onyx black diamond earrings impart a touch of class and elegance.

Typically set for the diamond earrings yellow gold or white of metal 14 or 18 k. You are not limited to these options, however. Silver and stainless steel are also used as a cheaper alternative to precious metals. In the meantime, if you agree a lot of money in environments of high quality metal action, platinum is an excellent choice.

black diamonds earrings for men

You can find black diamonds earrings onyx for a number of different models. However, more traditional designs, earrings in yellow gold are used because they are durable and timeless. In the meantime, white gold with the parameters in the metal-over creating a great contrast, as you has to play more colors.
Some people might argue that less is more. Sometimes it is not always the case. Small can be beautiful, but large size can be important. “The big girls need big diamonds,” as Elizabeth Taylor, and that’s very true. Big earrings, elegant diamond oval cut black onyx really, especially with a set in white gold or platinum metal.

A pair of onyx earrings Diamond drop to much-needed impact to any outfit. They are a popular gift for finding the perfect set of jewelry for a woman alone. You will not be disappointed by the reaction of someone special when she sees what he has in store for them. On the other hand, if you want to make a little more fun, you can also gift the black onyx diamond hugged earrings.

If you are the perfect gift for a woman elegant and refined, upper-class looking, onyx diamond earrings are a good option. They are elegant and better suited to the style of fashion.

They come in a variety of styles, many different types and countless metal settings. Thanks to its versatility and striking contrast ratios, black diamonds earrings onyx, and the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.