Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage

asscher cut diamond

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are sophisticated and elegant look … and are generally more expensive than traditional courts, as a princess or round brilliant. But there are ways to create the illusion of larger diamonds, although the carat weight is low.

Asscher diamonds are real estate and luxury of the courts tends to look more round diamonds, even if they have the same carat weight. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are easy to recognize because of the characteristic shape of the stone. They look like an octagon, a square diamond with very tight corners, and a series of parallel steps. The steps to create an effect are a mirror that reflects light and makes the stone sparkle and shine longer than other cuts. This fiery diamond quality means that you choose a small stone, and not lose any of the effects of a diamond.

To promote the development of its size, put her engagement ring in a large scale. This is a device consisting of a series of small diamonds, with their surfaces nearly level with the surroundings, so that it resembles a diamond surface. Extremely small grains of the same metal are bad to keep the diamonds safe. A longer setting, it is almost impossible to see every stone, the ring appears to generally have more diamonds than they actually.

You can also opt for a four-pole setting, bringing the diamonds and contribute to more light. Ensure that the teeth are too big or hiding around the diamond and smaller. The unusual style Asscher cut means you can be very good, but if the stone is very low considering a few small diamonds, the band. This will add some gloss to the broad ring. To prevent parameter to this Court bezel and channel, as the stone is not exposed to light that the effect of light and is famous for losing.

Regardless of the weight in carats or setting that you cut for your Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, remember to check its authenticity. All of these diamonds are the Asscher family badge and an identification number on the girdle of the stone. Your jeweler should be no problem to show what … It can not be seen with the naked eye.

Asscher cut engagement ring is a wise choice, and the unique look of the stone, you can by with a smaller carat weight, without sacrificing the beauty or the impact of getting the diamonds so popular.

Another thing to consider is the ring of metal. You can use your engagement ring all the valuable and precious, but before the election, the metal configure to his wife’s preference and budget in mind. But remember that if Asscher diamonds set in white metal, it gets better. But if his wife does not like black metal, you can go for the yellow metal as well.

These rings are best for lovers of vintage style wedding rings with the contemporary and elegant. One of the most spectacular rings and if you want, you can set with diamonds and open. You buy these rings for your girlfriend, that you make a great investment. And it can show you how much I care for you and your love.

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